I’m going to get a little “nerdy” here, but have you ever considered that sex toys could be good for your brain just as much as they are for your vagina and wiener!

We all know that sex toys make you feel amazing down there, but can they benefit you “up there”, you know, in your brain…

I always thought that sex toys were just for having a “good time to get you off. But the more research I do on the topic of sex toys, the more I have learned that they are also wonderful aides for your mental state of mind.

Sex Toys Help With Body Image

Using a vibrator allows you to know what turns you on, and where you are turned on at. Knowing your body will help you boost your self-esteem during sex with your partner.

Sex Toys Will Make Your Relationships Stronger

Variety is the key to maintaining desire and passion in long-term relationships. Without sex toys, intimacy with your partner will become repetitive and will lead to boring sex lives. A boring sex live can effect your mental well-being, and sex toys will only add positive effects to relationships.

Sex Toys Help Achieve Satisfaction

Sex toys, such as vibrators, can help us achieve orgasms faster, and more of them, than what our partners can do for us. Not achieving orgasms for women can cause resentment toward their lover who seems to achieve an orgasm every single time they have sex together. In fact, sex usually comes to an end once the man in the relationship has an orgasm. This is no good for us ladies who feel “left out” in the pleasure zone. This is why sex toys are important. Just because the sex session has concluded for him, doesn’t mean it has for us ladies. After he “blows his load”, we can pull out our trusty vibrator from the night stand and give ourselves the orgasm he couldn’t. Without sexual satisfaction we would live in a world of sexual frustration.

Finally, Sex Toys Relieve Stress

Let’s face, after you have an orgasm you are less stressed out than before, and that’s the main reason why I love the Suctional Vibrator 2.0, which I ordered online at Just Cool Thing, so darn much……if I’m stressed out, or having a bad day, I pull out my trusty Suctional Vibrator 2.0 and pleasure myself for as long as I need until my head is clear of any, and all, stress.